About Valerie

My story is not like others. I didn’t learn to cook at my mother’s knee. In fact, she never wanted me in the kitchen because I was in the way. Good food was always important in our house, and was always a topic of discussion (my father is Italian), but it wasn’t until I moved out of the house and realized that I didn’t know how to feed myself, and missed my mother’s food, that I took an interest in cooking.

I began cooking, and learning from my television teachers, Jacques Pepin and Julia Child. I found a passion for making good food for my friends, and developed a following. The biggest compliment I got was when my Italian friend who lived down the street would call me around dinner time to ask what I was doing. Well, he knew I was cooking and that I would invite him over! He said my cooking reminded him of home.

After taking classes at Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco, I began teaching classes out of my home, and felt that I had finally found what I was truly passionate about. I love sharing my knowledge with others, and mostly showing people how fun and easy cooking for your family and friends can be!

I love all sorts of cuisine, but gravitate mostly towards Italian, Argentine, and Mexican flavors. I believe in making the best, organic, natural, and simple ingredients shine.