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Pasta e Fagioli

Another cold, rainy day; another soup! Tonight, I had a craving for one of my favorites, Pasta e Fagioli (or if you’re from Naples, Pasta […]

Beef Stew

Rainy San Francisco days call for stew (even if my father doesn’t like stews – sorry Father!). Perfect for when you are house bound for hours, […]

Split Pea Soup

This rainy day put me in the mood for soup, so I made a big pot of Split Pea comfort. One of my first memories […]

Easy Appetizer

I always make this appetizer (the one on top) for Thanksgiving, and I made it again on a smaller version for the cooking class last […]

Last Supper

Tonight is my last night in beautiful downtown Potomac, so I made a Polenta “lasagna”. Seemed like a good night for it, since it’s been […]